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Taxi Antwerpen Wilrijk is one of the forerunners in providing a comfortable ride in and across the city. We take pride in our skilled, proficient and affable drivers and provide a discrete, comfortable, and exclusive service to our esteemed guests in our top-tier vehicles. We believe in worthy ride and thus our fairs are extremely satisfying comparing the experience we pledge.

You can call and book your ride in Wilrijk at the most satisfying rates now at taxi Antwerpen, simply call 03/283 83 93 or book online.

Reasons that we hold our footings strong, Taxi Antwerpen in Wilrijk provides following services like no one else:

Taxi Antwerpen is one of the best in Antwerpen and is active in Wilrijk to provide services 24/7 and drive their customers safe and contented. Hemiksem is one of the happening city in Belgian and to avoid the hassle of taking your car around it is ideal to book the ride from spot to spot and concentrate on anything besides the drive.

Our Services Include

Airport Transport

Taxi Antwerpen offers transport to and from the airports any time of the day or night with the best affordable fairs. You can book your ride according to the capacity needed for keeping your luggage. We provide comfort at a very satisfying fair. We provide the best prices at Belgium Airport welcoming you to the city.

Need A Ride

Your Taxi Wilrijk Is Just A Call Away 03/2838393

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    Are You Looking For A Economical Taxi To The Airport From Wilrijk? Taxi Antwerpen is at your service.
    By Simply Calling At 03/283 83 93 Or Booking Online

    Ceremonial Wagon

    Unless the ceremony is within the radius of Belgian we provide you a luxurious comforting ride to it. You can book the whole wagon depending on your need. Taxi Antwerpen in Wilrijk is here to understand your requirements and provide the best services to you.

    Event Pickups

    If you don’t want to be late to an event here in Wilrijk, call and book your ride with us at taxi Antwerpen. We provide pickups and drop-offs to any occurring event. It can be personal occasions or public events, just know where you want to go and leave the trip to us.

    What Makes Taxi Antwerpen Your Best Choice Of Transport In Wilrijk?

    Economical Fair

    We use the best price matrix to give our customers the maximum satisfaction and worthy ride. Taxi Antwerpen makes the money worth spent when you book your ride with us in Wilrijk. The fairs are very reasonable and meet the competing market.

    Service Around The Clock

    Our experience taxi drivers are ready 24/7 to serve our customers. Regardless of what hour of the day it is we in Wilrijk take our customers safely to their destinations and on time.

    24/7 Service Providers

    Regardless of what hour of the day it is, you can book your ride with taxi Antwerpen and reach your destination in time. Whether it is to the airport, mall, home or simply a trip to the city we are dedicated to giving you the comforting experience of travelling with us.


    All our staff and drivers are available 24/7 at your service with a highly professional approach understanding the importance of comfort and time. When you book your ride the accuracy of time committed is always observed. The professional approach makes the taxi Antwerpen highly chosen taxi service in Hemiksem.

    Group Transport

    If you want your ride to be budget friendly yet comfy then it is possible to choose our services and book a group ride. You can easily track the route and plan the ride. If you are a single person and the ride is far and costly you can plan a shared trip in the cab with the same comfort.

    No More Hassle When You Can Book Your Ride Around The Clock
    By Simply Calling At 03/283 83 93 Or Booking Online